1. Гость, если сервер для вас недоступен, попробуйте добавить папку с клиентом в исключения антивируса и выполните проверку в лаунчере, ознакомьтесь с данной темой или скачайте и переустановите клиент.

    Гость, if the server is not available to you, try adding the folder with client to anti-virus exclusions and run verify in the launcher, read this topic or download and reinstall the client.

Upgrade failed, startup problem.

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    1. If your antivirus / firewall or operating system blocks client installation / launch or error "Could not launch game":
    1.1. Add folder with game to the exceptions in your antivirus / firewall and use check in Launcher.
    1.2. On Windows 8/10: if the message "Windows Defender Filter prevented the launch of an unidentified application" appears, click "Details" and "Run Anyway".

    2. If you have error "Game update terminated":

    2.1. Click "Verify" button
    2.2. If did not help, use manual upgrade:
    Archive of Updates
    Install in the game folder: "Perfect World Classic".

    3. If the following window appears when the client starts up:
    3.1. Try restarting the computer.
    3.2. Check the driver on the graphics card and DirectX, drivers can be downloaded at this page.

    4. If all the links unavailable when selecting a server.
    4.1. You need to check the client version, the latest version is listed in this topic, install manual update.
    4.2. Reinstall client.

    Perhaps you will find a solution to your problem in this topic.

    If none of the options solve your problem try reinstall client and contact support.
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