1. Гость, если сервер для вас недоступен, попробуйте добавить папку с клиентом в исключения антивируса и выполните проверку в лаунчере, ознакомьтесь с данной темой или скачайте и переустановите клиент.

    Гость, if the server is not available to you, try adding the folder with client to anti-virus exclusions and run verify in the launcher, read this topic or download and reinstall the client.

Server Concept

Тема в разделе "Info", создана пользователем pwclassic, 29 окт 2017.

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    The PWCLASSIC.NET server is the true classic of the golden era Perfect World, here you will find yourself in that good old atmosphere where there is no need to enter the game as to work due to thousands of grueling daily tasks, the eternal race for new equipment and global updates.

    Server Description:
    • Version - 1.3.6.
    • Number of races - 3 race.
    • Rates - Exp х1, Sp х1, Money х1, Drop х1.
    • Max. Level - 105.
    • Final gear - 99set, Lunar, 8 Rank.
    Server Features:
    • The server is International, with players from all over the world.
    • Stable economy, which is unchanged from the opening of the server.
    • Offline Cats, Base PWCATS and free Kotomania (download client).
    • PWCLASSIC Lottery
    • The Auction has been improved: collection and tax have been reduced 5 times, the time of the lot on sale has been increased to 240 hours.
    • Rank 8 collection possible.
    • The lack of things that affect the balance in the game shop (reputation/rare things/dragon orbs).
    • Useful features from the newer versions: autopath, tab targeting, convenient task search, displaying the number of lives of mobs and bosses, there is a wardrobe for fashionable clothes and a warehouse for resources.
    • Jungle ruins:
      • Date: Monday 20:30 - 22:30.
    • Dragon Temple:
      • Date: Tuesday 20:00-24:00.
    • City of Abominations:
      • Date: Wednesday 21:00-22:00.
      • Participation price : 100.000 money.
      • Added NPC Dark Messenger on the north of Archosaur (586 670). In case of accidental dissconect from the event, items can be exchanged for a reward from this NPC.
    • Pvp arena:
      • Date: Thursday 20:00-21:00.
      • Participation price:
      • 40+: 10.000 money.
      • 50+: 25.000 money.
      • 60+: 50.000 money.
      • 70+: 75.000 money.
      • 80, 90+: 100.000 money.
    • Territorial wars:
      • Date: Friday, Saturday, Sunday 9:00-12:18, 14:00 - 17:18, 20:00 - 23:18.
    • Treasures at the Arena City of Dragons:
      • Date: Saturday 19:00 - 20:00.
    Daily: Snake Isle Racing 12:30 & 21:30, Bounty Hunter, Godless valley, Cube of Fate, Sieges of villages, special author's events.
    You can find all updates and changes made with them here.
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