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Useful Sentences in Russian for English players

Тема в разделе "Guides", создана пользователем Strider, 30 май 2019.

  1. Strider

    Strider Новичок Пользователь

    I see a lot of people struggling to ask for help in World Chat to russian players, regardless of it being for a BH, an FB with signs, wine, for some quest, etc.
    I was going to do this little guide for my faction but I thought that a lot other people might find it very useful too.

    Keep in mind, I'm not Russian and my Russian is very bad, so there might be little mistakes, but for the most part, I know Russian players can understand, because I use those sentences myself on a daily basis.

    Also I'm aware that there's another guide about some of this stuff, but it doesn't have actual russian characters/sentences, which is widely used on the server.

    Also, if you need a tool to help you write Russian characters you can use this website: https://russian.typeit.org/

    First, we'll go over the classes and types of people needed for instances:

    Barb - ТАНК
    Cleric - ПРИСТ
    Venomancer - ДРУ
    Blademaster - ВАР
    Acher - ЛУК
    Wizard - МАГ
    DD (Damage Dealers) - ДД

    Now that we know how the classes are named, we need to know the instances/quests:

    BH - ЕЖА
    FCC - ИНЕЙ
    Heads - ГОЛОВ
    Lunar - ЛУНА
    Contract - КОНТРАКТ
    GV Gamma - МАСТЕР
    GV Delta - МАГИСТР

    Now we know how classes are named and how some instances and quests are named, let's go over a few words and common phrases so you can start putting it together:

    Party - ПАТИ
    PM - ПМ
    For - НА/В
    On - ПО
    With - С
    And - И
    Or - ИЛИ
    Until - ДО
    Full - ФУЛЛ
    Spot - МЕСТА
    Fast - ФАСТ
    Wine - ВИНОМ

    Wth all this knowledge you should now be able to make some useful sentences to broadcast on world chat to get help.

    I'll leave some examples to help out:

    Party for FCC until heads, fast runs! Pm me! - ПАТИ В ИНЕЙ ДО ГОЛОВ НА ФАСТ ПМ +++
    Tank and Cleric for FCC until heads! Pm me! - ТАНК И ПРИСТ В ИНЕЙ ДО ГОЛОВ ПМ +++
    DDs or Tank for BH 79! Pm me! - ДД ИЛИ ТАНК В 79 ПО ЕЖА ПМ +++
    Party for contract, 2 spots! Pm me! - ПАТИ В КОНТРАКТ, 2 МЕСТА ПМ +++
    Archer for FB 69 with wine! Pm me! - ЛУК В 69 С ВИНОМ ПМ +++
    Wiz, BM and Archer for GV Gamma! Pm me! - МАГ И ВАР И ЛУК В МАСТЕР ПМ +++

    To all the Russians reading this post, I'm sorry if there's something wrong, and you can pm-me and I'll fix it, or add something.

    Hopefully this guide helped at least a little bit, and you can now understand how to ask for help, and even read some of the messages people write on world chat and find yourself a spot in a Russian party!

    I'll keep an eye on the post, and everytime something crosses my mind I'll write it down and keep adding on to it!

    Thank you for reading.

    By: Strider (in-game name).
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