1. Гость, если сервер для вас недоступен, попробуйте добавить папку с клиентом в исключения антивируса и выполните проверку в лаунчере, ознакомьтесь с данной темой, F.A.Q. или скачайте и переустановите клиент.

    Гость, if the server is not available to you, try adding the folder with client to anti-virus exclusions and run verify in the launcher, read this topic, F.A.Q. or download and reinstall the client.

The PWCLASSIC.NET server is 3 years old!

Тема в разделе "News", создана пользователем pwclassic, 9 ноя 2020.

  1. pwclassic

    pwclassic Administrator Команда pwclassic

    [​IMG] Dear players and guests of our project
    Very soon, on November 10, the server will be 3 years old, we want to express our deep gratitude to all of you for choosing and playing on our project, making it alive and inspiring us to work and improve the server.

    Over the past year, many events have happened:
    - The maximum level - 105 was reached by the players Cadaphi и PаTRoN.
    - The Metik player managed to improve his equipment to the maximum sharpening "circle +12".
    - The server has surpassed the bar of 3.000 online and 60.000 players.

    It is impossible to imagine this without your support, very soon the long-awaited update will be installed on the server with a fix for the map display on widescreen monitors, as well as a number of nice additions.

    And also in honor of the server's birthday:
    1. Holiday rates will be activated:
    - From November 13 (20:00) to November 15 (23:59) you will receive double the experience and drop for killing monsters.
    2. Donation bonus:
    - From November 9 to November 15, you will receive 20% more gold, regardless of the amount of replenishment.
    3. Competition of videos for the third anniversary of the project, the prize fund is 5.000 gold.

    We wish You a nice mood and a good drop!

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