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Summer Marathon for Beginners [June 5 - August 16]

Тема в разделе "Contests and Events", создана пользователем pwclassic, 29 май 2020.

  1. pwclassic

    pwclassic Administrator Команда pwclassic

    Dear players and guests of our server
    Soon, the server will be launched Summer Marathon for beginners - this is a race for pumping characters among new players who have just joined our community. This time we decided to experiment and added a reward of your choice in rubles or game gold for the top 5 players

    The marathon will be held from June 5 to August 16.
    The total prize fund of the Marathon - 20.000 rubles

    To participate in the Marathon, you only need to register an account after 00:00 on June 5.
    If you already play on our project, you can invite your friends or acquaintances and get bonus according to the referral program.

    The award will be awarded to players who, at 23:59 on August 16, have reached the highest level *:
    1st place: Dragon Orb 9 star + 10.000 rubles (or 3.000 gold on account)
    2nd place: Dragon Orb 8 star + 5.000 rubles (or 1.500 gold on account)
    3rd place: Dragon Orb 7 star + 2.500 rubles (or 750 gold on account)
    4th place: Dragon Orb 6 star + 1.500 rubles (or 450 gold on account)
    5th place: Dragon Orb 5 star + 1.000 rubles (or 300 gold on account)
    *At the same levels, the number of exp. units will be taken into account.

    In addition, players who get into the top 5 in their class will receive:
    1st place: 5 Mysterious Chip Pack + 5 Chest of Champions + 200 gold.
    2nd place: 5 Mysterious Chip Pack + 4 Chest of Champions + 175 gold.
    3rd place: 5 Mysterious Chip Pack + 3 Chest of Champions + 150 gold.
    4th place: 5 Mysterious Chip Pack + 2 Chest of Champions + 125 gold.
    5th place: 5 Mysterious Chip Pack + 1 Chest of Champions + 100 gold.
    *Players who won a prize in the overall standings do not participate in the class marathon.

    The results of the marathon will be published on August 17 and awards will be translated within 24 hours.
    For intermediate results you can follow this link (data is updated ~ once a day).

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