1. Гость, если сервер для вас недоступен, попробуйте добавить папку с клиентом в исключения антивируса и выполните проверку в лаунчере, ознакомьтесь с данной темой, F.A.Q. или скачайте и переустановите клиент.

    Гость, if the server is not available to you, try adding the folder with client to anti-virus exclusions and run verify in the launcher, read this topic, F.A.Q. or download and reinstall the client.


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    Hello i have benn scammed from some one with same name as my guild leader of NewAngels he ask for armor to enchant for TW he log bank we trade and then gone 10 mins later i see my item in Aucion 619109 is number of one of the items my axes can admin contact with me so we can find ou at least who he was and to get banned

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