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[Promotion] Bonus x2 for incoming guilds and consts

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  1. pwclassic

    pwclassic Администратор Команда pwclassic

    Dear players and guests of our server
    We are announcing the start of the promo for new guilds and const groups who wish to join our server. The promo runs from October 10 to November 30.
    The essence of the promo - on our server Bonuses are available for incoming guilds and consts, as well as for active guilds based on the server, during the period of the promotion (10.10.2019 - 30.11.2019) the bonus will be x2:

    Bonus for incoming guild:
    - from 10 players: 60 gold to each member and 200 gold to the leader.
    - from 20 players: 80 gold to each member and 400 gold to the leader.
    - from 30 players: 100 gold to each member and 600 gold to the leader.
    - from 40 players and more bonus is discussed individually.

    Bonus for incoming const party:
    - For every member: Chest of the Brave (Geographic Map + 2 Inv. Stone + 2 Perfect Iron Hammer + Gold Spirit Charm + Gold Guardian Charm) + 400.000 coins + 20 gold.
    - If the const party consists of 6 or more players - the bonus is discussed individually.

    Bonus to the active clan based on the server, if the application was submitted from October 10 to November 30, the bonus is also increased.

    To receive the bonus you need to send an application to the mail: [email protected]
    A sample application, as well as all the detailed conditions are described in this topic.

    We also remind you of the
    Marathon for beginners, which runs until October 27th.

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