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Mini guide about stat Tome.

Тема в разделе "Guides", создана пользователем caiiiok254, 26 май 2019.

  1. caiiiok254

    caiiiok254 Активный участник Пользователь

    This mini-guide about Tome and how to craft it. Tome is item which gives you stats and some unique modifications (based on tome lvl). For crafting a tome we need: 4 Mystical Tome Page[​IMG] and 3 Mystical Tome Fragment[​IMG].The first one you can buy in shop(Alt+o) for 1 gold each, second you can buy in cats or drop in Harpy Wraith (70+ dungeon).
    There is NPC we need: Nature Forge: Tomes (117,854).
    It's looks like this:
    In this forge we can see books (5 levels) that we need:
    Different tome is suitable for different class. I chose Underestimated Resolve , then we drag and drop materials to forge
    Then we click on forge button and tome is done. But how to make higher lvl book? For example: 3 lvl book needs 3 of 2 lvl books and 2 lvl book needs 3 of 1 lvl books.
    If you want to calculate how much you'll spend on book, just use this site: ru.pwbook.net
    Little guide:

    Thank you for reading, this guide is translated by caiiiok254 aka Moonillar!

    Mine biggest sponsors (yeah since today i have at least one!):
    Flex (outlander) - 10 000 000 coins

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