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Marathon for Beginners #6 [October 2 - November 8]

Тема в разделе "Contests and Events", создана пользователем pwclassic, 26 сен 2020.

  1. pwclassic

    pwclassic Administrator Команда pwclassic

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    Dear players and guests of our project
    Soon, the server will be launched Marathon for beginners - this is a race for pumping characters among new players who have just joined our community, if you already have a level 100+ character on the server, you will be disqualified*.
    *Exception - if you have not been active on the server for more than 2 weeks.

    The marathon will be held from October 2 to November 8.
    The total prize fund of the Marathon - 50.000 rubles.

    To participate in the Marathon, you only need to register an account after 00:00 on October 2.
    If you already play on our project, you can invite your friends or acquaintances and get bonus according to the referral program.

    Marathon participants are prohibited:
    1. Participate with multiple accounts/characters. Only one character counts.
    2. Play multiple players on one account/character, including pumping by other characters.
    3. Transfer of equipment and game values from one character/account to another.
    4. Violation of the project rules, if your account/character is blocked, you will be disqualified.

    The award will be awarded to players who, at 23:59 on November 8, have reached the highest level *:
    1st place: Dragon Orb 10 star + 10.000 rubles (or 3.000 gold on account)
    2nd place: Dragon Orb 9 star + 6.000 rubles (or 1.800 gold on account)
    3rd place: Dragon Orb 8 star + 4.000 rubles (or 1.200 gold on account)
    *At the same levels, the number of exp. units will be taken into account.
    *In the overall standing, one class receives only one award (for example, if 2 archers take 1st and 2nd places, only the first one receives the award in the overall standing).

    In addition, players who get into the top 3 in their class will receive:
    1st place: Dragon Orb 7 star + 3.000 rubles (or 900 gold on account)
    2nd place: Dragon Orb 6 star + 2.000 rubles (or 600 gold on account)
    3rd place: Dragon Orb 5 star + 400 gold on account.
    *Players who won a prize in the overall standings do not participate in the class marathon.

    The results of the marathon will be recorded on November 8 at 23:59, checks will be made and the winners will be announced within a week.
    For intermediate results you can follow this link (data is updated ~ once a day).
  2. pwclassic

    pwclassic Administrator Команда pwclassic

    The marathon has started.

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