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Marathon for Beginners #6 [October 2 - November 8]

Тема в разделе "Contests and Events", создана пользователем pwclassic, 26 сен 2020.

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  1. pwclassic

    pwclassic Administrator Команда pwclassic

    Читать на Русском[​IMG]
    Dear players and guests of our project
    Soon, the server will be launched Marathon for beginners - this is a race for pumping characters among new players who have just joined our community, if you already have a level 100+ character on the server, you will be disqualified*.
    *Exception - if you have not been active on the server for more than a week.
    *If you already have a character and he is below level 100, you can participate in the marathon, provided that at the time of the marathon you will not be playing on an existing account.

    The marathon will be held from October 2 to November 8.
    The total prize fund of the Marathon - 50.000 rubles.

    To participate in the Marathon, you only need to register an account after 00:00 on October 2.
    If you already play on our project, you can invite your friends or acquaintances and get bonus according to the referral program.

    Marathon participants are prohibited:
    1. Participate with multiple accounts/characters. Only one character counts.
    2. Play multiple players on one account/character, including pumping by other characters.
    3. Transfer of equipment and game values from one character/account to another.
    4. Violation of the project rules, if your account/character is blocked, you will be disqualified.

    The award will be awarded to players who, at 23:59 on November 8, have reached the highest level *:
    1st place: Dragon Orb 10 star + 10.000 rubles (or 3.000 gold on account)
    2nd place: Dragon Orb 9 star + 6.000 rubles (or 1.800 gold on account)
    3rd place: Dragon Orb 8 star + 4.000 rubles (or 1.200 gold on account)
    *At the same levels, the number of exp. units will be taken into account.
    *In the overall standing, one class receives only one award (for example, if 2 archers take 1st and 2nd places, only the first one receives the award in the overall standing).

    In addition, players who get into the top 3 in their class will receive:
    1st place: Dragon Orb 7 star + 3.000 rubles (or 900 gold on account)
    2nd place: Dragon Orb 6 star + 2.000 rubles (or 600 gold on account)
    3rd place: Dragon Orb 5 star + 400 gold on account.
    *Players who won a prize in the overall standings do not participate in the class marathon.

    The results of the marathon will be recorded on November 8 at 23:59, checks will be made and the winners will be announced within a week.
    For intermediate results you can follow this link (data is updated ~ once a day).
  2. pwclassic

    pwclassic Administrator Команда pwclassic

    The marathon has started.
  3. pwclassic

    pwclassic Administrator Команда pwclassic

    Общий зачет:
    1 место: Johnin - 94 уровень.
    2 место: Santfor - 92 уровень, 8.156.404 ед. опыта.
    3 место: Mueslik - 92 уровень, 6.808.814 ед. опыта.
    StricJesu дисквалифицирован (передача ценностей).
    HealOf12 не участвует в общем зачете, т.к. уже есть победитель из класса жрецов.

    1 место: Ag-Peg - 89 уровень, 1.459.686 ед. опыта.
    2 место: raven131 - 89 уровень, 39.305 ед. опыта.
    3 место: 3JLo6a - 88 уровень.

    1 место: Cratos - 89 уровень.
    2 место: DeaDD - 88 уровень.
    3 место: Felicio - 87 уровень.

    1 место: Prоdigy - 90 уровень.
    2 место: Папа - 86 уровень, 4.569.759 ед. опыта.
    3 место: Riсardo - 86 уровень, 674.667 ед. опыта.

    1 место: HealOf12 - 93 уровень.
    2 место: небейплиз - 86 уровень.
    3 место: Chernuxa - 84 уровень.


    1 место: ДИСТИЛЛЯТ - 86 уровень.
    2 место: Мимимишка - 83 уровень.
    3 место: BaNeR - 81 уровень, 3.980.712 ед. опыта.

    1 место: Arici - 90 уровень.
    2 место: Shavuha - 89 уровень.
    3 место: кiт - 88 уровень.

    The results will be checked and the reward will be sent within 24 hours.

    Winners need to write to me in private messages, attach a screenshot of the character, with the characteristics window open, and specify in what form you want to receive the award.
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