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Leveling guide for newbies

Тема в разделе "Guides", создана пользователем caiiiok254, 28 май 2019.

  1. caiiiok254

    caiiiok254 Активный участник Пользователь

    Hello everyone! It's not really a guide but list of tips which can be useful for you. So, lets start!

    1) Doing quests. In most cases there is 3 types of quests:
    a) kill a lot of mobs, get a lot of items.
    b) kill small amount of mobs and get same amount of items.
    c) run through whole map (courier tasks).
    For the first one you'll get a lot of exp, so for the 2nd and 3rd nearly nothing. Killing mobs with same lvl with you also giving a lot of exp =).
    Just open your quest log and choose a quest with more exp. If you're going to lvl soon - just go to kill some mobs

    Quest bosses. Do not ask everyone to kill it for you. It's okay to wait some for killing him in party, just read the world chat and do your quests.

    The cultivation bosses is kinda hard to avoid like this, because of spells, some of them need higher cultivation level. So just try to write in world chat ( more better to do it when online is high, like at 18:00 GMT + 3).

    2) Mobs farming. Working good when you buying +50% exp books. ( 2 gold book at shop alt+o) There is 3 kind of mobs. Common, water and fly, the reward for 2nd and 3rd is higher, so you know what to do!

    How should you use the book:
    a) Getting a lot of quest for mobs and going to kill them.
    b) Using it always while in the game ( it's good to do below lvl 30)
    c) When you going to kill "special" mobs.

    More about 3rd item. From some type of mobs you'll drop some good stuff.
    For example: at level 20, in west part of Archosaur you can met with "rhinos". They can drop Hay which costs enough. Same with all the mobs which dropping food for venomancer's pet . So you can just activate the book and kill this mobs. Small advice: kill them while they are same lvl with (their name is white), with higher lvl the drop chance is smaller.

    3). Dragon quests. Since lvl 20 you can take the dragon quest . It's the best way for leveling if you have good amount of coins. Just buy dq items from cats and do the job. In most cases all you need is flying the whole map and killing some weak mobs.

    4) Cube. Available since level 40. There is a lot of guides in internet (and on our forum *will translate this later*). So you need ~30 Dice tickets (changing 1 Mirage to 2 tikets), ~600k coins, Guardian Charms. You can start since 40 if you're veno or have a good gold gear. For others it's ok to do since lvl 45. On this levels cube giving exp for around 1 lvl.

    5) Bounty Hunter quest. Updating in 24:00 and 4:00 - twice for a day (don't forget the time is GMT +3) .

    6) Oracle and Scarlet fruit. Very expensive, only for a "golden boys".

    7) Good mount, fast fly, TP stones. It's not giving us exp bonus, but with it we can do quests faster (best for DQ).

    8) Dungeons. More about it there. But this time you going as a high lvl :D

    This guide translated by caiiiok254 aka Moonillar, thank you for reading!

    Mine biggest sponsors:
    Flex (outlander) - 10 000 000 coins

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