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"I'm 1st time on Territory Wars, what should i do?" TW tips and tricks guide.

Тема в разделе "Guides", создана пользователем caiiiok254, 26 май 2019.

  1. caiiiok254

    caiiiok254 Активный участник Пользователь

    This guide is created for guys who never participate in Territory Wars (TW). What should new invaders know? Just follow the tips below:

    1) Always listen to clan Master. Do whatever he says . Especially about moving!

    2) You're RDD (ranged dd)? So you need ALWAYS be in half-range of your attack away from Party Leader (PL) ! Always assist attack to PL! How to do it? Target PL and click on double crossed swords upload_2019-5-26_20-31-49.png . Then your target will be people chosen by PL . When target is dead repeat last step. For fast target PL just do Shift + 1. If you're archer don't forget to [​IMG] objectives.

    3) You're warrior? So you ALWAYS stand near PL. Fight is coming? Going in bunch of peoples and stun them all. If you not died in first seconds then AOE them. If you're not lucky - just run back to PL. If there is no good targets just find priest and stun him! If you can chase him - do it, else - run back to PL.

    4) You're zoo tank? Just chase priest, but don't do it solo. Wait for fight and then come with warriors.

    5) You're venomancer? Look item 1 + you're goal is clean warriors stun . Don't forget about giving CHI to your teammates!

    6) You're priest? Same range away from PL. BEHIND HIM! Heal and resurrect all high-lvl players, not only in your party! Always check tanks and warriors near, you should clean their buffs. If your high-lvl is cleared from buffs - rebuff and heal.

    7) What about medicine? After coming in battlefield - eat CHI tablet. Tranquilizing Orb [​IMG] is used when we getting dmg from everywhere ( usually they get away from you) You should use anti-stun when warrior coming or mage channeling rock.

    8) What about pillars and blue circles under mine character? Pillars is useful thing that allow us to teleport into the center. Going to pillar, take the quest and here we go. After resurrecting on base - in 30 secs your character can't attack and use spells. So you can move and eat tablets. Priests still can buff you.

    9) Remember - objects beating objects and peoples beating peoples. Beat objects if only you have strong AOE!

    10)Before you coming in battlefield just seat on your mount!

    Thank you for reading, this tips is translated by caiiiok254 aka Moonillar!

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    Flex (outlander) - 10 000 000 coins

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