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"How not to become poor at the beginning of your journey"

Тема в разделе "Guides", создана пользователем caiiiok254, 17 май 2019.

  1. caiiiok254

    caiiiok254 Активный участник Пользователь

    Disclaimer: This guide created for newbies to save their moneys for stage when they need them more than else.
    Lets begin:
    You are the newbie without any cent, killing all mobs around, doing your first quests, getting some cash. But when you come to Archosaur you'll be confused - there is a lot of vendors and cats. So, what is really matter and worth the money and what is not?
    If you want to save your cash, you need to know:
    1) Your best friend is pwcats (choose our server in top right list). This site is scanning all cats, auction and showing to you best prices with coordinates of vendor.

    2) Since 20 lvl you'll need items for Dragon Quest (DQ), there is low chance that you got it all before, so my advice is to buy it in the cats (don't forget about site above!). After successfully completing this quest you'll get Dragon Order item, which you don't need at this stage, so just sell it to cat and refund your moneys back (which you lost while buying items for quest). At the moment of writing this text its cost is 100k that more than enough!

    3) Sooner or later you'll want to get better weapon and better items at all, so you go to check world chat and cats. DO NOT THINK ABOUT IT BEFORE AT LEAST LVL 50! Its too overpriced and will quickly lose relevance. If you want better items just buy it from a blacksmith, or search in pwi database the blue one, that you can get from completing quests. And never forget about blacksmith, he likes you!
    4) We done with items and DQ, but what shall we do with 40+ lvl event - Cube. I'll not discuss about its expediency, but you must to know that Dice Ticket are made from Mirage Celestone (1 Mirage = 2 tickets) and if cats selling 2 tickets on higher price than 1 Mirage then you should made it by yourself!

    5) Highly recommend to buy Gold Guardian Charm as soon as possible!, its only 5 gold at shop, cheaper in cats. Why? It's simple! Before lvl 50 they don't let us die, so we can save our exp and gold (potions which would you buy). Than sooner you buy - the richer you will become .

    Thank you for reading, yours caiiiok254 aka Moonillar (the archer, who spent 1kk in first Cube walkthrough).

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