1. Гость, если сервер для вас недоступен, попробуйте добавить папку с клиентом в исключения антивируса и выполните проверку в лаунчере, ознакомьтесь с данной темой, F.A.Q. или скачайте и переустановите клиент.

    Гость, if the server is not available to you, try adding the folder with client to anti-virus exclusions and run verify in the launcher, read this topic, F.A.Q. or download and reinstall the client.

Form for filing a complaint

Тема в разделе "Complaints", создана пользователем pwclassic, 24 мар 2018.

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  1. pwclassic

    pwclassic Administrator Команда pwclassic

    Only complaints submitted under the following rules will be accepted for consideration.

    The complaint must be filled in the form below:

    1. Nick of violator (copy from game). -
    2. Your Nickname -
    3. Date and time of incident -
    4. Confirming screenshots|Video (chat be must have). -

    - The complaint for paragraph 1 requires Video.
    - Penalties in this section are not issued immediately, but within a few days of the GM's verification and the decision / closure of the topic.
    - Only complete, unclipped and untouched screenshots are accepted for review.

    P.S. Complaints submitted more than 3 days after the incident are not accepted.
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