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Farming coins guide for newbies

Тема в разделе "Guides", создана пользователем caiiiok254, 28 май 2019.

  1. caiiiok254

    caiiiok254 Активный участник Пользователь

    Hello everyone. This guide will tell you how to make some coins without doing hard work. Just simple tips:

    1) Looting T3 resources. Available since ~40 lvl. Maps with circles (when you finish the circle it will spawn again):
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    For one circle it's around +- 1 savage fragment, what is near ~80k coins. Resource spawning rate - 10 min. In total you can make around 1kk coins \ hour.

    2) Looting grass. Loot all grass what you'll find. Some part will go to level up medicine skill, some for sell. Crafting tablets is more profit then selling grass to cats . Best choice is tranquilizing orb (very valuable for Harpy Wraith dungeon).

    3) DQ resources. If you not use it for quest - don't sell it to vendors. Try to find cats which will buy it or make your own cat near Banker NPC in West Archosaur.

    4) Crafting items. Like Purified oil - do not sell in to vendors, cats will make more profit!

    5) Shabby shard. If you have a lot of free time just craft a lot of shards and sell it near quest NPC. Not big but stable income.

    Some more tips:

    Break all purple gear, it will drop some Mirages.

    Collect the small celestones, you can change them 3v1 to Mirage.

    Lucky packs also have a chance to drop Mirages.

    Thank you for reading, this tips translated by caiiiok254 aka Moonillar!

    Mine biggest sponsors:
    Flex (outlander) - 10 000 000 coins

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