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  1. Firysia

    Firysia Новичок Пользователь

    Hello!! Azarath is a faction pve who play together to have fun! We are recruiting all news players! :)

    The rules are: - As first point, we're going totally PvE.
    Do not try to look for PK without reasons, but if you know you can defend yourself do it.
    - Respect for guildmates, avoid using inappropriate language, racism, bullying or elitist behavior between us.
    - English on guild chat.
    - You are part of a guild. We all participate as a group, not individually. Self-centered attitudes do not work here.

    If you are not able to join because of those rules, just don't! Anyone who don't respect rules will be ban...

    A little history: Azarath has been made because of conflicts inside Twilight, our old guild.... We got separate in 2 faction, which that one of those guild became Crimson ( PVP guild ) and the other is Azarath,of course! :)
    Goal for the faction: we are pacifict player ( pve ) so we want the guild grow up! We are already at 60+ members, but we need to work together like doing TTs and other dungeon! The must important goal I get is to have fun together! :)
    Intention: Playing freely without get killed by other player... This is a pvp server, but nobpdy in faction want to be killed by any member in guild. We want to do FB/BH/TT etc!

    So apply today! We also have a discord which we can give you once you get into game!
    My name is Firysia, Leader of Azarath!
    Marshal: History
    Executors: Elltharis , VenoClown , Tribe , Shankie , Eir
    Eazy-E, Madlax, Грывня и ещё 1-му нравится это.
  2. Nue

    Nue Новичок Пользователь

    Is this guild still active? I'm looking for english speaking guild atm

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