Classic Server

The server pwclassic is a true classic of the golden era Perfect World, you will find yourself in that old-good atmosphere.

Bonus for incoming clans

Come to our server with clan and get bonuses. Fight shoulder to shoulder for dominance. Big clans will receive vip-bonus.

Referral program

Invite friends and acquaintances to your link, play together, explore the Perfect World together and get the reward.

Awards for votes

Dear players, now voting for our server you not only help in its promotion, but also receive the rewards.

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Free game (MMO RPG) Perfect World does not require a monthly fee, the game client can be downloaded free of charge from our website or from any other site on the Internet, including torrents. The downloaded game can also be freely transferred to other users or installed in computer clubs.

Our server is a test server and is created to familiarize with the game "Perfect World", all rights belong to the right holder.

Server status: 947 players on the server
Top-10 players
Place Nickname Level Class Reputation

1 KosmA 103 204592
2 DRS 102 48323
3 Favoritka 102 39742
4 Cr1m1naL 102 26520
5 РОБИНГУД 102 25933
6 Зайка 102 44924
7 LeoSantos 102 29460
8 Pianist 102 43602
9 Lawrenciy 102 35013
10 Пушок 102 26188